After getting your hands on the m3u file, you would like a media player to play the content. within the case of firestick, you’ll use Kodi or VLC. But Roku may be a closed device, you cant install third-party applications on that. So you would like to use the m3u Black IPTV playlist Player. Though there are tons of other players, there this seems to be the simplest one.

If you’re getting to use a paid service, confirm to see whether the support is out there for Roku. If yes, then you’ll find the channels from the Roku channel page. Just add that channel to your list and open it from the home screen. And login to your account to enjoy the channels.

Now you’ll add the m3u file of IPTV services. If you are doing not have you ever will buy from Best IPTV Resellers services. Now you’ll add m3u link then select save. It takes a while for loading channels on your device. you’ll restart your app then select the playlist URL that you simply want to feature. I feel you’ll follow these processes. you’re able to watch the channel on your Roku box. If you continue to face any issue here you’ll connect here our customer support team will assist you the way to setup IPTV on Roku click here for configuration

  • Search for M3U Playlist Player
  • Go to Streaming channels
  • Go to Search channels
  • And search for M3U Playlist player
  • And select M3u Playlist player
  • Click on attend channels
  • Select New Playlist
  • Add your IPTV file m3u on Roku. If you don’t have an m3u file. you’ll buy from and press NEXT
  • Add here your M3U URL and press SAVE

1.await loading channels

2.Restart your app and choose the playlist you add

  • Now you’re able to watch channels on your Roku box


Evenly if you would like any help to setup IPTV on Roku. Then you connect with the Best IPTV Resellers customer support team they’re going to assist you 24*7.