Smart IPTV App Now Available for Android, the way to SETUP SMART IPTV

SMART IPTV for Smart TV Samsung and LG is now available for Android devices. SMART IPTV may be a very sleek and really nice app that works all right, you’ll Watch IPTV live channels on any android device with smart IPTV app for tablets, android phones, Nvidia shield, android tv box, fire stick tv, smart tv’s, etc.

Smart IPTV App
Smart IPTV app allows you to have full access per week but then, you’ll be activated after a one-time activation fee of 5.49 Euros for every TV/device.

How to setup Smart IPTV

Go to this link to download Smart IPTV it’ll take you to the google play store. If it isn’t compatible together with your device, it means your device isn’t Android TV.

You can still try and install it on your device by downloading the most recent APK Here, but you must not expect it to figure on just any non-Android TV set-top-box. Android 5.0 is required.

Step 1 Noted down the mac address of your Tv or android device. It will appear when you open the app.

Step 2. Open Smart IPTV, your TV MAC address is shown to save your TV MAC address because you’ll need it later.

activate smart iptv app

Step 3. attend the smart IPTV website and click on ” My List “.Enter the mac address of your Smart tv or Android device (which was shown earlies) and enter the URL location for the channel lists.

smart iptv set up on android device

Step 4. Now click “Add Link” and confirm this message: 1URL Added! Restart the App

Note:- That link is M3U Link which is given by us to you through activation mail. Its look like :

You can replace xxx with your username and password which we sent you in your mail after registration.

Step 5. After that, restart the “Smart IPTV” app on your device, Now everything is prepared and you’ll watch IPTV.